Vijayata Pandit

Graphic desginer/3d artist based in the temple city “Bhubaneswar”, Odisha. After completing her PGDCA in 2010 and working for a 3d production house as compositing artist for a year, She realized that working as a freelance artist is more condusive for her skills and career.

She has been working as a freelancer  since 2012 and has been involved in various assignments dealing in disciplines of graphic designing, motion graphics, visual effects & title animation.Graphic Designing is all that she loves and she aims at nurturing her skills to come up with some of the most unorthodox yet enticing designs.

Well, apart from that she is a hardcore cat lover and a die-hard movie buff.

Pankaj Bhambri

Visual Artist from Punjab, India ,specializing in the technique of 2D/3D animation and illustrations and Concept art,  While studying Communication design his  illustrations got featured in couple of International and National Magazines like Creative Gaga,Asian Global Impact UK,Talent house US etc
When inspirations rules imagination, the result is often adulteration of both the subject and the craft. Celebrating a constellation of maestros on his canvas, His Artworks recreates their mood in all novelty,using strokes of colors that are unique. Free from genres,busting with tints from an elaborate palette and leaves you with Awe!