She was born
with an illusion of choice
gifted to her
by generations
of traditions
poisoned by time,
and preserved by
the ignorant minds
who claimed to have
her best interest at heart

Locked up in the tower
of her age she was
the Rapunzel,
whose youth was an investment
that would yield,
a treasure so precious
that it would corrupt
the minds of those
who had sworn
to defend her,
and keep her freedom safe

The purpose of her life
was dictated by
the dreams of those
whose senses
were blinded by
hypocritical alibis,
and actions guided by
their misplaced egos

She was sold
in the end, to a life
decided by those
who had
tears on their faces
and smiles in their eyes
as she bid goodbye
holding on to her
Illusion of choice.


Anshuman Dash

The Mute Expressions Project