We source it, design it, and deliver it!

What is Labscraft?

We at Labscraft Creations, are a bunch of school buddies come together to start an exciting and dynamic venture involving designing and printing of apparel and accessories at what we call the ‘Lab’, giving rise to our brand name ‘Labscraft’.

Starting out with T-shirts, backed by our belief in the fact that T-Shirts are an amazing form of Self-expression, we have designs in various categories ranging from cartoons, characters and movies to social issues, politics and a lot more, designed by our creative heads in the most cool and unconventional ways! As we like to see it, these are designs that speak for you, and designs that you speak for!

Our prime motive stands to deliver our customers an awesome T-shirt, along with providing an excellent customer experience in the process.

At Labscraft, we don’t believe in an entirely one-way business, and apart from our products, we have some business to offer for the interested ones too.
We like to make it a perfect circle.

Here’s how it works:

Feel free to submit any cool designs, messages or art that you think would appeal to the mass, and upon selection, we shall print it, put it up on our website and make it open for anyone to buy, giving you the credits for it right there, and of course a loyalty sum per T-Shirt sale.

T-Shirts are what we start with, but that’s not where it stops. Apart from T- Shirts, we shall very soon be coming up with and are already gearing up for a wide range of accessories, apparel, and promotional products. We love to exceed expectations and strive to offer creative solutions, innovative ideas, reliable services and exceptional products at the best rates possible.

We extend out a huge thank-you to all our fans and followers out there, for supporting and encouraging us as a young start-up. It is you who make us get better. You guys are amazing!

We believe that a  thread always wants to be
classy and fabulous.

Fine Stitch
It wants a hand that can weave it into a wonderful fabric
Sweet Fabric
It wants to transform into that sweet form that your body would fall in love with.
It wants a beautiful piece of design or pattern that can add some attitude to it.
It wants a nice and comfy wardrobe